Starting From Scratch with NFS Fitness Services

NFS Fitness Services is a newly founded business created by Rotherham-based personal trainer, group exercise instructor and sports masseuse Niaomi Sadler as a hub for her ever-expanding services and as a means to market as both a business and individual. Being a new business meant we got to start from scratch with everything… Yes!

The brief was to create an impactful logo and brand that doesn’t bear the cliche of other fitness companies, along with social media assets and business card design for communicating with prospective clients and service operators.

As every project does, we started by gathering as much information about the business as possible and conducted research into other fitness brands in the local area and wider market.

Often working in the fitness industry, we already had an idea that the marketplace is saturated by businesses using icons of kettlebells, weights and muscles, so we opted with the client’s agreement to go for a cleaner and more stand out approach. Plus, there’s more to NFS’ offering than just exercise and standard fitness so this wouldn’t have been an accurate representation.

After sketching quite a few options, the style as you see now was settled on with a combined N, F and S forming a wordmark with the stem of the F becoming part of the N. A boxed version seemed to work well, with either a stroked box surrounding the wordmark, or it sitting within a filled square for mediums such as social media profile pictures.

The colour palette was a bit of a risk on our part, straying away from the intense swatches of dark orange, reds and greys that are usually associated with the industry. Instead we opted for a bright, bold and interchangeable palette to really stand out and bring something new to the table. Each color complements the other, no matter which combination of the three is used.

The business card features all the traits of the brand and palette, but we added diagonal lines for some depth with teasers in the bright blue to add movement and symbolise fitness.

You can see more from the NFS Fitness Services project over on our portfolio.

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