Guilt Free Kitchen

Guilt Free Kitchen is an independent restaurant in Sunderland committed to providing healthy alternatives to the foods we love the most. We were commissioned to create a fresh-look menu for their new store with a more modern and vibrant feel.


To create an updated and modernised version of the Guilt Free Kitchen menu with a cleaner image and some additional menu items in a trifold style ideal for in the restaurant and for customers to take home. 


We started by planning a layout for the menu along with overall style ideas. A colour scheme based on the current brand and logo was devised, with the beige/brown being added to the current green and brown to keep a natural, organic and healthy image in line with their vision and standard of food. A few striking features were added to add some depth and interest, such as the fun typeface for Meal Plans, the segregated section for ‘Jacket Potatoes’ and the flame icon for adding jalapeños.
The client was only able to provide a low quality version of their logo, so we had to create a copy of their logo in addition to the menu to make sure that quality was maintained and no pixelation encountered.