The Four Hundred

The Four Hundred is an international events company operating from the French Riviera and areas of the UK who commissioned us to create their first logo and brand, alongside other digital elements that are essential to their business and communications.



To create a modern, elegant and internationally attractive brand for use in both print and digital, primarily on the company’s marketing and official communication channels.



As with every project, we hit the web for research first and then headed over to the sketchbook to play around with some initial ideas. After trying to take inspiration from TFH’s base of operations, the South of France, we decided to try and play around with key letters to make an elegant icon. And so the FH icon was born. The square icon was formatted first, with the actual company name being added to create a fuller logo. The clients and I then looked at some colour schemes, with all of the potentials being taken from classic photos of the area from which the company operates. The primary colours of blue and gold were then decided for the view of class, with the monochrome option still being highly elegant if chosen.